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January 2018


An Abundance of Ready-Made Materials for Your Use Anytime

Your time is limited. With a 50-300 student workload, giving one-on-one, personalized counseling, providing future guidance, and making sure each student is on track academically might be an impossible task to do on your own. This is why we want to help.

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How to Submit a College Application that Stands Out
Your seniors might be nearing the end of "application season" and can probably attest to how time-consuming and stressful this period can be. 

There are a ton of tasks to accomplish senior year related to classes, extracurricular activities, and graduation and college planning. Couple that with the application process and it's easy to see that applying to college is a HUGE undertaking. 

When your students develop a plan and become familiar with the application process, it can help ease stress, making this phase of their life more manageable, even exciting! 

Knowing what to prioritize is half the battle. 

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Class of 2018: The one thing your SENIORS should do right now...

Submit College Applications

Have you ever been asked by a student, "which part of the college application is the most important?" Your students want to know what to focus their effort on in order to stand out. 

We've talked to our former admissions officials here are ACT...

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Class of 2019: The one thing your JUNIORS should do right now...

Take the ACT® test

Does the testing date impact student scores on the ACT? This is a question that's commonly asked. Students and parents want to know if there's a specific date that gives test-takers an advantage.

But, through a process called 'equating,' ACT ensures that every test is equal and fair. Scores are comparable no matter when a student tests, and only vary based on a student's ability and preparedness for it.

So, if no test date is better than another, when is the best time to take the ACT? 

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Class of 2020: The one thing your SOPHOMORES should do right now...

Think about Life After High School

How can you get sophomores to take their first actionable steps toward future planning? Encourage them to consider the PreACT®. This new tool helps students identify their current college readiness, determine academic strengths and weaknesses, and explore interests and aligned career aspirations.

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·         FREE ACT® Test Prep Class January 16 @ 7 PM EST
We know that test prep might be one small component of what you're responsible for as a high school counselor. And the perception of test prep is that it's just a way for companies to make more money, offering no real, tangible value for the student. So, why even bother recommending it – or recommending beyond what your school provides?

We believe that the best test prep programs not only prepare students for a test, but also help enhance their knowledge of the subject matter covered in the test. 
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