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Immunization Information



Immunizations are key to promoting a healthier community by helping prevent or lessen the severity of certain diseases. Immunizations cost less than disease treatment, are recommended by health care providers, and are required prior to attending school or child care. Oklahoma Immunization Law for Schools

Oklahoma law requires that parents of all students of all grade levels attending school or child care facilities, submit acceptable evidence of current, up-to-date immunization or a completed and signed exemption form. Such evidence is required before the child is allowed to enter or attend school or child care.

The State Board of Health prescribes the immunizations required and the manner and frequency of administration. These requirements conform to recognized medical practices in the state. The Oklahoma State Department of Health supervises and enforces the required immunizations. Recommended Vaccine Schedule


 Per Oklahoma State requirements for school enrollment, a parent or guardian shall provide one of the following: 

        1. Current, up-to-date immunization records; 


        2. A completed and signed exemption form. 




Children with specific medical contraindications to any or all immunizations may apply for an exemption. The children will be allowed to attend school if the medical reason is stated and the statement is signed by a licensed physician.

Children whose parents have objections to immunizations based on religious teaching or personal beliefs may also apply for an exemption. 

Process to apply for Exemptions

  • The school will provide an exemption form to the parent/guardian.

  • The form must be appropriately completed and signed.

  • The form is submitted by the parent  to the school or child care facility.

  • The school or child care facility will submit the form to the OK Immunization Service for state approval.